From the recording Joan Beckow Legacy Project

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Here Where It Counts (ft. Rabecca Talbot, Lisa Osipov Milton, Meghan Anderssen)

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Music and lyrics by Joan Beckow
Arranged for two pianos, bass & percussion by WB Stuart


We may be little, we may be small,
Often we stumble and we fall,
But here where it counts
We’re ten feet tall,
And we’re not so little after all.

We may be trembling down to our toes.
Terror may grip us to the core,
But here where it counts
Our courage grows,
And we’re not so frightened anymore.

Often when we’re hiding in the heather,
Feeling rather cowardly and broken hearted,
We all dream of home,
Yes, home sweet home.

Then the darkness doesn’t seem so gloomy.
All our trepidation seems to fade.
And we almost seem to
Be less shivery,
Be less quivery.
Suddenly, we’re not quite so afraid!

We may feel helpless, feeble and weak,
Ready to quit and run away.
But here where it counts
We’ve lots of cheek,
And some day we may decide to stay.

Often we’re weary, tired of this joke.
Often the tears begin to fall,
But here where it counts,
A heart of oak,

So we’re not so weary,
No, we’re not so teary,
Though here, with our backs against the wall.
We’re not little. We’re not so little
After all!