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Guided By The Stars (ft. Danny Fong, Kat Palmer)

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Music and lyrics by Joan Beckow
Revised and arranged for violin and cello by WB Stuart


Captain James Cook:
Guided by the stars I go,
Guided by the flight of birds.
Guided by a vision growing inside me.

Chided by a quiet voice,
Whispering I must believe.
Telling me I have no choice but to leave.

Telling me the winds are growing stronger.
Telling me to tarry here no longer.

Guided by the stars I’ll do things no man has done before.
Riding every wave, I’ll get to that distant shore.
And when I find my dream has, at last, come true,
Guided by the stars, Guided by the stars,
I’ll come sailing home to you.

Elizabeth Cook:
You’re going away, and I feel this yearning.
I want you to stay.
Will I ever understand the dreams that taunt you so?
You’re going away, and the wheel keeps turning.
Why must it be so that my lucky star seems oh, so far?

Here, I’ll abide until the running tide
Brings you back to my door,
To my aching arms,
Brings you back to the shores of my love.

I say to every star I see:
“Guide him safely ‘cross the sea.”

I’ll stay with the moon,
And pray that you soon
Sail back home to me.
(into a duet featuring both Capt & Mrs Cook singing their verses simultaneously)