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Wheresoever I Turn Mine Eyes (ft. Jessica Lalonde, Jocelyn Barth)

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Music by Joan Beckow
Words adapted from Jewish liturgy by Joan Beckow
Song adapted & arranged by Wendy B Stuart for two violins and cello


Wheresoever I turn mine eyes,
Around the earth or to the skies,
I see Thee…

I see Thee in the starry field,
In the harvest yield,
In every sigh,
In every sound.
An echo of Thy name is found.

A blade of grass, a simple flower,
A perfect witness to Thy matchless infinite power…

Thou art the air I breathe,
The light, the darkness, the winter cold.
Thou art the song that wells up
From the deep, deep springs of my soul…

Wheresoever I turn mine eyes …
I see Thee in the kiss of snow,
In the fire’s glow.
Each grain of sand,
Each drop of dew.
And lost am I to all but You.

The rising of the moon,
The raging of the sea,
And I’m adrift in half-forgotten memories of Thee.